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What Homeowners with Pet Dogs Can Do to Keep Their Carpets Clean

There are lots of critical reasons why carpets used in homes need to be kept clean. Clean carpets look nice, contribute to good health, and generally last longer. The problem with carpets, however, is that they can be difficult to keep clean, especially for homeowners with pets. 

If you love the warm and cosy feel of carpets, but also love your pet dogs, follow these tips to minimise dirt buildup on your home carpeting. 

Make sure your dogs are regularly groomed

Pet dogs love to play outside, and they can get dirty in the process. If they are allowed access to the house without being cleaned, they can transfer the dirt to your carpets. For that reason, it is a wonderful move to always bathe your dogs after they've spent time in the yard, park or any other outdoor area. Your companion animals also require occasional brushing and trimming by a pet dog groomer to get rid of dander and long hair. Otherwise, your beloved pet will shed dander and excessive hair on your carpeting. 

Potty-train your dogs

Unless they are potty-trained, pet dogs can answer the call of nature virtually anywhere, including on your carpeted floors. If you do not want your pet dogs to leave unsightly stains on your carpets or to cause the interiors of your home to smell awful with their droppings, it is a good idea to make sure they are trained on where to go. This is a job that a professional dog trainer can do for you.

In case your companion animal drops excreta on your carpeting, be sure to wash off the stain post-haste. There are plenty of commercially available carpet cleaners you can use to wash off the stain and get rid of any bad odours.

Vacuum your carpets regularly

No matter how well-groomed your pet dogs are, they will always leave some hair and dander on your carpets. If the organic matter is not regularly removed, it can circulate in the indoor environment, compromising indoor air quality in the process. Regularly cleaning the floors with a good vacuum cleaner is an effective way to reduce buildup of pet waste in the carpet fibres. 

With the above-discussed practices, keeping your home carpets dirt-free should be much easier. But your carpets will still need thorough cleaning on an occasional basis. That is a job that a professional carpet cleaner can handle well. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at You'll Say Wow Carpet Cleaning.